Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yacht on the Hudson

Congratulations Rachel and Jamie! Hello Friends! I am still recouperating from my fabulous weekend in NYC. I attended an Engagement/Birthday party on the Hudson River. First of all I must say that this was the BEST party I have ever attended on many different levels, but it doesn't get much better than a Yacht with a view. I am less than satified with the pics I was able to take, but even a picture couldn't capture the magic of this well planned evening. If you ever want to floor your guests try a yatch on the Hudson the view at night alone will take your breath away. The beautiful floral arrangements had an image of the couple lasered on the vase
The "Tiffany Cake" was to celebrate the Groom to be's Birthday. There was hardly any room for this cake after everyone had tray passed desserts.
The Dj made all the difference in the world! He was able to keep everything on schedule and running smoothly. The dance floor was packed until the last second! Your Dj can make or break your party spend a little time searching for the perfect fit to ensure your party is a success.The tables were nicely decorated with accents of purple . Everything was nicely put together, a big hand of applause to the Mother of the soon to be Bride, Donna Tracey!

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