Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Weddings One Weekend!

You live and you learn two weddings one weekend, NEVER AGAIN!
Needless to say I've been a little preoccupied and unfortunately didn't make the time to fill you in on all the happenings.
Well this past weekend a client I had been working with all year got Hitched, and everything went according to the plan, what more can you ask for?
This past Sunday a really close friend took on the responsibility to plan a last minute wedding for her brother and I was the first person she called, excited because she's a close friend and to share such an amazing experience is priceless but so is all the work that goes into putting it all together. She opted to plan a very intimate home ceremony which was full of rituals and lots of new things for me being that it was a Hindu ceremony, but boy was it beautiful. Being that Friday and Saturday I was working with my other wedding I missed a lot of the physical setting up but boy was it worth it to set up on that that patio and become breathless. I already envisioned everything to look eye popping with the rich assortment of colors and patterns associated with Indian culture but the deep reds and bursts of yellow and gold seemed to jump right at you and wash you with this feeling, that's hard for me to describe in words but once I have the images I'm sure you will get the picture.
I was blessed to have worked with the photographer who photographed my own wedding Austin Green who captured the beauty of my good friends brothers ceremony and reception, and for Saturdays wedding that took place at the Millennium I worked with amazing vendors as well. Stephanie from "Stephanie's Creative photography" was the photographer was a complete joy to work with, and I was in awe that the DJ kept the entire party dancing from the beginning to the end, and they still wanted more "DJ Heavy" did his "thang". "The Flower Patch" did a wonderful job with all the flowers, and were pleasant to work with as well.
I will blog about the details of each event as soon as I get the pictures.
For now that's all folks!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Designing a Candy Buffet

Candy Buffets are my favorite wedding accessory, there is just so much you can do with one. Looking for a way to opt out of serving alcohol but don't want your guests to get bored during "cocktail hour" while you are posing for pictures and switching over settings from the ceremony to the reception? Are you seeking a keepsake that's fun and affordable? Trying to find another way to tie in your theme? Try a Candy Buffet.
I am working on putting together some ideas for a candy buffet so I thought I would take you along with me on my thought process for the ride. Scary, I know!
First, I scoured the web for images that had captured certain aspects of the buffet that I envision. I came across the following and I will highlight what I would like to take from each image and incorporate in the buffet that I am planning.

I envision the buffet being awe inspiring, theatrical so there will need to be elements that create drama other than the typical candy filled jars. I like the fact that this candy buffet added dimension by adding layers of height by way of displaying candy on different levels and using the flowers at the top to add height and color. The picture of the couple is a nice center piece for the display table. I would want to bring those aspects to the buffet.

The key to the buffet that I am planning is to be able to entertain guests during cocktail hour, so a nice variety of candy, rather than all pink M&M's in a jar or silver kisses would be ideal. I also think it would be a good idea for the candy to enlist memories from times past and that's why I think the look of an old school candy store would be nice to incorporate in the fashion below to a degree. I would definitely upgrade the jars to have the nice silver knobbed lids opposed to the plastic ones below (Tip: They sell them at Target and Wal-mart for a great price).

I love the apothecary style jars and would definitely consider using this style. It's classy and elegant and they come is variety of sizes. I also like the fact that I could use ribbon to tie in the colors/theme.

The idea is for the buffet to be elegant yet fun and memorable but not break the bank, one way to keep the budget intact would be to opt for cellophane or paper candy bags and stick a monogram sticker on the bag. I can find these kinds of bags 50-100 in a package at any dollar store and with a nicely designed sticker attached no one would know the difference, and since its candy they are likely to eat during cocktail hour or shortly thereafter not really reasonable to put to much money into cute boxes to get trashed. Although I could go with a mini glass candy jar if I want them to have a permanent piece of memorabilia.

A banner or sign behind the buffet is a must have. The one displayed here is super cute and simple. I love the saying "Because love is sweet" so I would opt for that or the one below "Love, Sweet Love"

I also think the linen can make or break a candy buffet, if you are going with a few colors of candy tone the linen down, but if you are finding that your candy choices are more monochromatic then go with a more colorful linen perhaps a pattern or something whimsical like polka dots or the old fashioned red and white stripes for that authentic old school feel.

Once I am able to tie all the elements of above together and design a layout I am going to move on to pricing out the buffet. Candy is expensive so the sooner you start looking the more opportunities you have to catch sales, especially candy left over after Valentines Day because they will fit more into the "Wedding" theme.
From those pictures alone I have pretty much developed what I want my buffet to look like

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Wow, I can hardly believe it's 2010 already. I am so excited to start the New Year off right. I'm going to try and connect on a more personal level on my blog and really "talk" to you guys, thats what this is all about in the first place.
The end of 2009 had me so busy trying to get things set up for what looks like a busy year, I didn't take the time to blog. Sorry.
So, what have I been up to??
I had a fab little business party at my place. My place is small, well quaint but I was able to transition the place into a lively little environment with a few flowers and my favorite part about the party was the "Mashed Potatoes Bar". I really played on the Bar part and centered the theme around it. I served a scoop of Mashed Potatoes in Martini glasses (Potini's as I called them throughout the evening)that guests could prepare anyway they wished with the fixin's that were displayed in glass goblets. Forgive me but I was so busy playing hostess that I didn't even think to snap a pic until it was pretty much over and at that point so was my beautiful display. No worries because I can't wait to redo this theme.
You could do so much with this idea Potini's, tacotini's and create all kinds of signature Potini's and make menu cards for them so that guests can use the fixin's to create their own signature drink of choice.
I also added a Travel & Shop link to my website that has me extremely excited. I expanded Kaden Maddox Events to include KME WorldWide a side business that will allow me to offer more services to my clients, like amazing HoneyMoon Bridal Registries, and HoneyMoon packages. Great prices on their travel accomodations. Also, the site will allow them to get cash back virtually off anything they purchase online whether it be invitions or party supplies or the perfect outfit to attend the event. It's just amazing, check it out by visiting Kaden Maddox and follow the Travel and Shop link.
I have also partnered with some other planners and industry professionals and launched "Your Free Wedding Coach" a business that caters to engaged couples that will allow them to be in control of planning their own wedding as we coach them through the entire process for free.
I am going to blog about this but you can check out the site in the meantime at
Oh, and I'll be at RadioOne's Simply Elegant Bridal Expo January 31st. I will give you more information about the show as I get it, hope to see you there.