Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Perfect Ceremonies

Perfect Ceremonies ordained minister Phran Gacher helps couples create a ceremony that is unique as they are. If you are looking to have a memorable ceremony that is a true reflection of your love then check her out at You'll get a chance to see testimonies from lots of happy couples.
Not only is Reverend Phran able to perform ceremonies at your location of choice but she has a charming intimate chapel at her Garner home that she extends to her clients, her packages including her home chapel start at the amazing rate of $150.00
Great service
Outstanding rates
and the Perfect Ceremony
What more can you ask for!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Yacht on the Hudson

Congratulations Rachel and Jamie! Hello Friends! I am still recouperating from my fabulous weekend in NYC. I attended an Engagement/Birthday party on the Hudson River. First of all I must say that this was the BEST party I have ever attended on many different levels, but it doesn't get much better than a Yacht with a view. I am less than satified with the pics I was able to take, but even a picture couldn't capture the magic of this well planned evening. If you ever want to floor your guests try a yatch on the Hudson the view at night alone will take your breath away. The beautiful floral arrangements had an image of the couple lasered on the vase
The "Tiffany Cake" was to celebrate the Groom to be's Birthday. There was hardly any room for this cake after everyone had tray passed desserts.
The Dj made all the difference in the world! He was able to keep everything on schedule and running smoothly. The dance floor was packed until the last second! Your Dj can make or break your party spend a little time searching for the perfect fit to ensure your party is a success.The tables were nicely decorated with accents of purple . Everything was nicely put together, a big hand of applause to the Mother of the soon to be Bride, Donna Tracey!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to keep your event HOT when it's Cold!

Winter is right around the corner and with all the cold comes skepticism. Can I really throw a "HOT" event in the winter? Yes, both figuratively and literally! You can plan the event of events and leave all of your guests wowed at the pure realism that "yes, it's really Winter".
There is no limit to the possibilities if only you open your mind. Imagine the rooftop pictured below with a clear enclosed tent and that amazing view!
You will be able to find great deals left and right since it's "off season". You'll be able to bargain to save a dollar where you can and splurge on all those unnecessary but exorbitant desires.
Here's a HOT idea that is sure to captivate you guests. Have an outdoors event. Nothing like the look and feel of being among nature, the openness, the vibrance of the clear blue sky or divinity of the stars at night. I am a HUGE fan of Terraces, Rooftops and Balconies, why not use a clear tent to enclose your space and just go wild with the clean slate of a palette. No need to worry about keeping your guests comfortable with all of the modern options for heating that your tent provider will be able to offer you. Throw in some lighting, maybe wash the space with a subtle glimmer of color or strings of twinkle lights to set the night sky aglow with class and sophistication.
A clear tent can be just what it takes to make your winter event HOT!
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

They Cater! Cool Runnings Jaimaican Cuisine

This ambrosial islandy restaurant is my favorite spot and they cater!
This is nothing new, but my first time blogging about it and I can't believe it took me this long. They catered my own wedding for goodness sakes!
The food is unbelievable and always chef prepared to order. With your catered event you can expect great service, well organized staff and exquisite food. My guests are still raving about the "cocktail patties" we served during cocktail hour along with a few other hors d' oeuvres.
The owners are delightful, genuine people that ensure your every desire is catered to.
AND you can expect to get the same reasonable rate regardless of your event type.
With the word "Wedding" comes $$$ dollar signs to events industry professionals. For instance you can call a place and ask for a quote for plated dinner for your Family Reunion and get one rate, and call the same place and ask for the same plated dinner and get a significantly higher rate. This applies true to most of your other wedding services also. Hence, a lot of professionals who cater specifically to the wedding market tend to be a bit more expensive than those who do not. If you are on a budget check your favorite restaurant and see if they cater, or just call mine. (I intended that last part to humor you but you really could call my favorite place and they will give you the royal treatment and don't forget to tell them who sent you. I don't get any kick backs from them, I just seriously love the place.) Either, way you have better odds at getting a caterer you can afford.

Monday, October 12, 2009

How to Budget for a Family Reunion

It's that time again to begin planning Family Reunion's for the summer months. We at KME plan Family Reunions and know that it can be an overwhelming task. We are here to help! First develop a realistic budget.
You need to decide what things you want to be included in your Reunion. Are you planning tours? Visits to places of interest? How about Souvenirs, T-shirts, name tags? The list can go on, but you should try and get a clear idea of the type event you want to have and think about all that will be included with that.
Heres a checklist of billed items that you will want to start with:
Bank Account
Phone calls
Printing and mailing
Registration supplies
Picnic or meal expenses
Rentals of tables, chairs and linens
Post Reunion Communication
Now that you have clearly identified expenses you will want to look for ways to share them. You can assess each attendee or divide costs among families, you can even take financial ability into account and charge accordingly. Establish a criteria for the expenses to be taken care of and stick to it.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Damar" Photo Shoot

As I have mentioned in my earlier posts being an Event Planner has heightened my appreciation for photography and I often seek the opportunity to pull out my trusty camera whenever I can. I had the opportunity to do photoshoot with the artist "Damar" this weekend and I was able to get some really good shots. Just a little something extra I can add to my portfolio and can't hurt for clients to get a look at some of the potential musicians for their events.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Other Side of Event Planning: "Networking"

An essential part to being successful in event planning is networking and lucky for me I love to meet new people. In the events industry to get to meet and work with people from many different sectors of the events world and every now and again you meet people that truly "touch" you. I'd like to take a minute to share info on my two latest inspirations.
Simplee Complex
I came across a group earlier this year while scouting for new entertainment contacts and I must say that I was blown away by their talent.
"Simplee Complex" is an amazing group of 3 vocally blessed young women and if you are ever in need of an awesome group with and even more amazing band you are in luck, because you have to look no further. They will be performing locally at the Pour House on Blount Street in Raleigh, NC on October 25, 2009. Check them out it will be worth it.
Pop Damar
I've also had the pleasure of working with an amazing artist "Damar" or as some may call him "Pop". He's not only an ingenius producer but a gifted singer that is sure to wow you with his original sound and warm personality. Once again if you are in need of a professional soloist, look no further.