Thursday, October 15, 2009

How to keep your event HOT when it's Cold!

Winter is right around the corner and with all the cold comes skepticism. Can I really throw a "HOT" event in the winter? Yes, both figuratively and literally! You can plan the event of events and leave all of your guests wowed at the pure realism that "yes, it's really Winter".
There is no limit to the possibilities if only you open your mind. Imagine the rooftop pictured below with a clear enclosed tent and that amazing view!
You will be able to find great deals left and right since it's "off season". You'll be able to bargain to save a dollar where you can and splurge on all those unnecessary but exorbitant desires.
Here's a HOT idea that is sure to captivate you guests. Have an outdoors event. Nothing like the look and feel of being among nature, the openness, the vibrance of the clear blue sky or divinity of the stars at night. I am a HUGE fan of Terraces, Rooftops and Balconies, why not use a clear tent to enclose your space and just go wild with the clean slate of a palette. No need to worry about keeping your guests comfortable with all of the modern options for heating that your tent provider will be able to offer you. Throw in some lighting, maybe wash the space with a subtle glimmer of color or strings of twinkle lights to set the night sky aglow with class and sophistication.
A clear tent can be just what it takes to make your winter event HOT!
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