Tuesday, October 13, 2009

They Cater! Cool Runnings Jaimaican Cuisine

This ambrosial islandy restaurant is my favorite spot and they cater!
This is nothing new, but my first time blogging about it and I can't believe it took me this long. They catered my own wedding for goodness sakes!
The food is unbelievable and always chef prepared to order. With your catered event you can expect great service, well organized staff and exquisite food. My guests are still raving about the "cocktail patties" we served during cocktail hour along with a few other hors d' oeuvres.
The owners are delightful, genuine people that ensure your every desire is catered to.
AND you can expect to get the same reasonable rate regardless of your event type.
With the word "Wedding" comes $$$ dollar signs to events industry professionals. For instance you can call a place and ask for a quote for plated dinner for your Family Reunion and get one rate, and call the same place and ask for the same plated dinner and get a significantly higher rate. This applies true to most of your other wedding services also. Hence, a lot of professionals who cater specifically to the wedding market tend to be a bit more expensive than those who do not. If you are on a budget check your favorite restaurant and see if they cater, or just call mine. (I intended that last part to humor you but you really could call my favorite place and they will give you the royal treatment and don't forget to tell them who sent you. I don't get any kick backs from them, I just seriously love the place.) Either, way you have better odds at getting a caterer you can afford.

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