Friday, August 28, 2009

Unbelieveable End of Season Specials

We have 2 great specials going on now!
Baby's 1st Birthday: For only $250.00 (special will also include birthday's 2-5)
You will recieved:
Personalized event design
Catering for 20 guests including children and adults
Cake or Cupcakes
We specialize in Elmo parties, but can design any themed party.

Bridal Shower/Baby Shower: For only $300.00
You will receive:
Customized Event Design
Custom invitations to coordinate with the theme
Catering for upto 30 guests
Decor to include Fresh Florals
Shower Coordinator to assist with games or activities if desired

You couldn't these 2 events for less yourself! We know exactly what vendors to use to be able to offer such low prices. You can expect a professionally designed and coordinated event that your guests are sure to LOVE!

Venue space not included in rate special rate, however we will help you locate a venue to host your event that fits your budget free of charge if neccessary.
Check out some pics of some of our favorite party inspirations!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just For You- T&J May 2010

Well, I was inspired by my latest clients colors and thought I would put a little something together that would highlight what I was thinking. An inspiration board of sorts, just with captions. The colors: Purple, Pink, and Green. Ok, so 3 colors I know, but this is so doable, with one main color and 2 accent colors. I planned an amazing reception featuring 3 colors. I went with Turquoise, Hot Pink and Lime Green to create a Caribbean theme. Here is a few pics from the wedding.
Anyhow, back to the subject at hand. So for this upcoming wedding my client is so laid back and fun to work with, the couples main concern is just having a nice affair that the guests will enjoy. Simple, Elegant yet fun. So were are working on finding some inspiration to bring everything together. When I first heard of the color scheme I thought "paisley's, that's it paisley's" I searched high and low for a pattern that would feature paiselys in the colors and I found this:
Just for inspiration, I copied a pattern that mac is using for its new laptop design.

Next I searched for ways to incorporate the paisleys theme and found this wonderful table setting:

I love the way they made the chairbacks out of the cloth, and the color usage here is lovely. An elegant way to work with bright colors. The centerpiece is right along the lines of what the couple is seeking, a simple cylinder with a single stem or something along those lines.
I also found this really cool cylinder centerpiece, a nice touch to bring an element of green is to add apples. The flowers on top are a bit more than this couples liking but yet still really pretty

I will add more of my ideas, inspiration and notes on this wedding as it progresses.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Escort Card Ideas

What is an Escort card?
An escort card is a card that the guests get typically during cocktails and it directs them to their tables. Alot of times Escort cards are confused with Place cards, a place card directs guests to their specific seats. Place cards can be alot more work because you have to figure out who is sitting next to whom. At the very least you should opt for Escort cards to offer guests some sort of direction, it usually helps things flow smoothly.

Here are some pictures of my favorite escort card displays taken from

Monday, August 10, 2009

Venues and Ideas just for you! K&D May 2011

Well I might as well share this with the rest of you too. I searched high and low to find the perfect venue and ideas to create the perfect mood for a couple seeking a wedding that is Sophisticated and Classy yet Modern and Edgy. A combo that will fit both the future Brides personality and taste as well as the Grooms. To give me an example of their style they told me to check out "The House of Blues" in Myrtle Beach and The "Liberty Hotel" in Boston. I checked out both which gave me grand ideas as to what I could put together for them. Oh and they both love Castles, but the interior can't be dreary and dull and places with lofts/ interior balconies and Grand Staircases. Check out the photos that I am using for inspiration as well as real venues that they may be interested in.

Picture of map is in reference to the a "escort card" setting idea. This couple loves to travel and I thought it would be cool idea to have a nice looking framed map hanging with photos of them places they have been and markers on places they want to go. The markers will be little flags with names on them placed on the map at different locations, the tables at the reception will be named with places such as cities. So guests will be able to search for their name on the map and sit at the table that matches. Done correctly this could be such a memorable part of the event.
The Bride to be Birthstone and engagement ring is actually Peridot which happens to be a favorite color of the couple so I thought it would be cool to go with that, and a very affordable way to tie it all together would be to go with something sleek and modern like wheatgrass centerpieces in a very edgy rectangular holder.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

THE Candy Buffet of Candy Buffet's

Simply Stunning and too beautiful to touch is what I heard all night about the candy buffet at my latest event. Thanks to the impeccable taste, class and sophistication of my client Cicely we were able to pull of the dream candy buffet. We carried a Rasberry and Chocolate theme that was detailed down to the linen (Rasberry colored, and actually the name at the rental facility). There were fresh rasberries on the buffett which gave it that zest of rich color and fancy white and dark chocolates along with delectable made from scratch cupcakes with the best rasberry filling I have ever had. We also incorporated my clients Chandelier motif, placing an image decal on picks placed in each cupcake, along with a cute dainty chandelier we hung over the buffet table. Enough from me about it already check it out yourself.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Fave Wedding Ceremony Video!

One of the best wedding ceremonies I've seen. The energy, dancing and the joy and laughter coming from the guests just makes your heart smile. The fun is contagious, I am smiling ear to ear! OOHH the inspiration this has given me is beyond amazing. I can't wait for my opportunity to help a client pull something like this off. No this isn't for everyone, but if this looks like fun to you then let's get together and get this party started.

Wish I could have seen that reception.