Monday, August 10, 2009

Venues and Ideas just for you! K&D May 2011

Well I might as well share this with the rest of you too. I searched high and low to find the perfect venue and ideas to create the perfect mood for a couple seeking a wedding that is Sophisticated and Classy yet Modern and Edgy. A combo that will fit both the future Brides personality and taste as well as the Grooms. To give me an example of their style they told me to check out "The House of Blues" in Myrtle Beach and The "Liberty Hotel" in Boston. I checked out both which gave me grand ideas as to what I could put together for them. Oh and they both love Castles, but the interior can't be dreary and dull and places with lofts/ interior balconies and Grand Staircases. Check out the photos that I am using for inspiration as well as real venues that they may be interested in.

Picture of map is in reference to the a "escort card" setting idea. This couple loves to travel and I thought it would be cool idea to have a nice looking framed map hanging with photos of them places they have been and markers on places they want to go. The markers will be little flags with names on them placed on the map at different locations, the tables at the reception will be named with places such as cities. So guests will be able to search for their name on the map and sit at the table that matches. Done correctly this could be such a memorable part of the event.
The Bride to be Birthstone and engagement ring is actually Peridot which happens to be a favorite color of the couple so I thought it would be cool to go with that, and a very affordable way to tie it all together would be to go with something sleek and modern like wheatgrass centerpieces in a very edgy rectangular holder.

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