Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What I've Been Up To!

Well, this past weekend I took a trip to Greensboro with a client to a tasting at "Maria's Gourmet Catering". Maria was quite impressive, as I had no doubt she wouldn't be after reading her impressive bio at on her website. She is one the most talented Chefs I've met and you can instantly sense her passion for what she does. Once we arrived we had to inform Maria that we were doing a 360 from the original menu idea and she was able to walk us through a brand new tapas menu in minutes, walk back to the kitchen to ensure we would be able to taste our new menu items. Needless to say the Mini Crab Cakes, London Broil and Artichoke Dip was delectable!

I have also been working on putting together plans to pull off these to looks for a 2010 Wedding/Ceremony.

Awesome, I know! This super chic warm lounge is sure to wow guests as well as the Icy White Urban design for the ceremony. So far its coming together nicely, but this will be no easy task and I am looking forward to the challenge.

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