Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Day on Elm Street

So a client of mine is having a swanky rooftop wedding and ceremony at Kress Terrace in Greensboro. She discovered this place on her own which left me having to do a little homework. In a way this will be my first destination wedding even if it's only 1.5hrs away. I had lots of fun checking out the local scene and venue. Ofcourse it wasn't all fun and games there was a reason to my madness checkout my pics and you will see! I located potential places for lodging, rehersal dinner, and a few places for the guests and wedding party to just have fun and relax.
First Stop: Kress Terrace

I took a short walk around the corner from the front entrance to the "Biltmore Hotel" that was situated directly across the street from the rear of the building. A breathtaking Historic 27 room hotel. All the rooms were different with a bit of that southern small town charm that I love. Rooms boasted hardwood floors with 4 post canopy beds. I entered to a quaint lobby, which felt rich in culture yet inviting and warm.

Next stop a breathtaking spa within a block away from Kress. A place for the Bride to relax the day before her big day! The feeling was luxurious, the place looked like priceless and I can't explain the peace the ambiance gave me after a minutes inside, I could have stayed all day. The staff was friendly and gave me a tour. There was waterfall spanding from the 2nd floor down that was just beautiful in the lobby, my pictures hardly did this just so I won't bother but heres a look at a part of the lobby/waiting area. The pictures are a little distorted coming off of my camera with this application but you can still see enough to get the idea.

Next UMM UMM Good!
Alex's Cheesecake. I had heard soo much about this raved Bakery before I even arrived and all the locals where telling me that before I left make sure I try the Cheesecake. This happened to be part of my plan anyhow since the Bride to Be is thinking of going non-traditional and opting for a dessert bar with a variety of nicely decorated cheesecakes to substitute the Wedding cake. The cheesecake was good and there was more flavors than I knew what to do with. I tried a slice of Strawberry Red Velvet Cake a local told me was her favorite and a slice of Creme Brulee Cheesecake, both were excellent.

223 Elm Street, the perfect place for a rehersal dinner which happened to be right across the street. I Visited lots of local spots that will allow me to create a great personal "What to Do" while in town memo in the welcome basket for guests.

If you are ever in Greensboro, NC check out Elm Street loaded with Southern Soul, cool night spots, eateries and entertainment from unique boutiques to comedy/jazz clubs. You can spend the whole day taking in the sights and then stay the night on the block in a comfy Hotel. A nice "Staycation" for all the Carolinians, or perhaps you would like your wedding to be here too!

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