Friday, July 24, 2009

Do You Really Need Event Insurance???

In the back of your mind you picture the inevitable happening, but what happens when it really does? Should you carry insurance for your event?

You plan the perfect event, spend lots of money to ensure that everything is just right, and at the blink of an eye all that time and money can be down the drain. Sounds like something from a bad dream but horrible things really do happen even when you have it all together and YOU do everything right. Is there insurance that can protect you in these cases.
The answer is yes, thankfully there is lots of carriers out there that are willing to protect you and your recover your losses in the case of some dreadful unforseen disaster at your event. had some real life stories of things that do go wrong that they cover.

Ten inches of rain fell in Virginia, State Highway 10 was closed. Bridal party members and guests couldn't get to reception site. Band, food, cake, flowers, photos all had to be cancelled.Amount Reimbursed Event Cancellation coverage – Wedding Event Cancellation / Postponement Plus: $25,000

Customer received message from the photographer saying he was out of business, would not be attending the wedding and would not be refunding the deposit. Amount Reimbursed through Loss of Deposits coverage – Wedding Event Cancellation / Postponement Plus: $1,515

Bride and groom held responsible for damaged carpet at reception.Claim paid by Property Damage coverage – Wedding Liability Insurance: $5,523.81

Bad things really do happen to good people, be prepared! When you are investing alot of money in an event, or more money than you are prepared to put up again if something goes wrong if you have to cancel/reschedule or pay for damages you should invest in Event Insurance.

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