Thursday, June 11, 2009

Personalizing a Perfectly Posh Venue

Have you ever stepped into a place and thought to yourself..."This place is perfect!"? Well it's places like Mansion 462 that make my job easy and hard all at the same time. Rarely you find a venue location that has everything: luxurious lighting, awesome ambiance, and dazzling decor.

My latest event is an Engagement Party taking place at Mansion 462 in Chapel Hill, NC, a lounge fit for a King and his Queen. Its features swanky decor, oversized rich furniture, and grand framed art. This venue has lots of chic items that give it such an opulent feeling: 5ft vases, beautiful oak flooring and beautiful lighting fixtures. So what CAN you do to personalize the perfectly posh venue? Add lots of small subtle touches with flowers, an assortment of framed pix, fabulous fabric, and signature cocktails.

1. Flowers - Opt for a flower display instead of balloons or large centerpieces if there are tables. This venue features a large bar area, a stage and lounge area with comfortable lounge seating and a few coffee tables.

2. Pictures - Place a 10x13 matted engagement picture of the couple at the front entrance and a bouquet of peonies the couples chosen wedding flower. On each of the cocktail tables, place a 4x6 framed engagement photo. These should be scattered throughout the venue.

3. Fabric - Create bar menu cards from animal print fabric with fuchsia accents as a perfect way to bring out a little flair and personal touch. I made the bar menu cards using cardboard and fabric and specialty paper.

4. Signature Drinks - Create a signature cocktail menu as a chic, sophisticated way to personalize your event. Below are a few examples...

The Duke Blue Devil- the groom's favorite basketball team

Pretty in Pink-the bride is an AKA and loves to wear pink

I hope these tips can help you add your personal flair to the perfect, posh venue.

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