Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2 Weddings One Weekend!

You live and you learn two weddings one weekend, NEVER AGAIN!
Needless to say I've been a little preoccupied and unfortunately didn't make the time to fill you in on all the happenings.
Well this past weekend a client I had been working with all year got Hitched, and everything went according to the plan, what more can you ask for?
This past Sunday a really close friend took on the responsibility to plan a last minute wedding for her brother and I was the first person she called, excited because she's a close friend and to share such an amazing experience is priceless but so is all the work that goes into putting it all together. She opted to plan a very intimate home ceremony which was full of rituals and lots of new things for me being that it was a Hindu ceremony, but boy was it beautiful. Being that Friday and Saturday I was working with my other wedding I missed a lot of the physical setting up but boy was it worth it to set up on that that patio and become breathless. I already envisioned everything to look eye popping with the rich assortment of colors and patterns associated with Indian culture but the deep reds and bursts of yellow and gold seemed to jump right at you and wash you with this feeling, that's hard for me to describe in words but once I have the images I'm sure you will get the picture.
I was blessed to have worked with the photographer who photographed my own wedding Austin Green who captured the beauty of my good friends brothers ceremony and reception, and for Saturdays wedding that took place at the Millennium I worked with amazing vendors as well. Stephanie from "Stephanie's Creative photography" was the photographer was a complete joy to work with, and I was in awe that the DJ kept the entire party dancing from the beginning to the end, and they still wanted more "DJ Heavy" did his "thang". "The Flower Patch" did a wonderful job with all the flowers, and were pleasant to work with as well.
I will blog about the details of each event as soon as I get the pictures.
For now that's all folks!

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