Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who says your flowers have to cost a fortune??

A highlight of any event is the florals, especially the case with weddings and yes something so small can carry a BIG price tag. How to avoid the pitfall of spending way too much on flowers.

1. Get to know your flowers.

Whats in season and what's not? Whats going to carry a huge price tag no matter what month we're in? What comes 2-3 to a stem?

Knowing just a few things about flowers will help you make decisions that could save you lots of $$$.

2. Don't listen to people who tell you, especially florists that they hate working with certain flowers (Carnations, Gerbera daisies, Baby's Breath, etc). They can look amazing in bunches and carried as a single bloom as guess what? They are extremely reasonable!
There are some flowers be it inexpensive or pricey that can just be difficult to work with because of their fragile nature so in some cases florist avoid some flowers because of the potential headache but once again doing a little home work will help you decipher, after all its your money.

photo sources: http://belladesignstudio.blogspot.com, www.purejoyflowers.com, www.projectwedding.com all together at http://cornerstoneevents.ca/blog

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